O Brasil vem a Seattle!

The match is booked - Brazil will play Canada in Qwest Field at 7:30 on Saturday, May 31! With World Cup Qualifying coming up for both countries, they should be fielding something very close to their full sides. This is obviously most exciting for the Brazilians that may be playing in the Emerald City, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most Seattleites to see Ronaldinho, Robinho and a host of other superstars. 

We aren't thrilled about the ticket prices - the cheapest are going to run 35 dollars - but that's a minor negative to a fantastic situation. Besides, the match shouldn't have any problem selling out the entirety of Qwest.  The Mariners have a daygame that day, so parking won't be ridiculous. And hopefully in a month's time, the Sounders will have some gear adorned with their new logo for the 67,000 soccer fans to get their hands on. Now all that's left is to get our hands on some tickets - available Monday for all you commoners not already signed up for Sounders 09 season tickets. Probably Saturday for those that are.

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