Who will we be supporting?

The biggest day in the short history of  Seattle MLS is almost here - the revealing of the team identity. Already known to be a fact is that the team colors will be green and blue, but Monday will give us our name and badge/logo/crest/thingy. 

As far as the voting goes, the clear most popular choices were Seattle FC and the write-in choice, Seattle Sounders. The official website has alluded to this as well. They've also said quite clearly that 'the most popular name wins,' but still... we wouldn't be surprised if the names were combined to reach the compromise of Seattle Sounders FC, the name we have suspected and predicted all along. One of these three will be the name - you can bet money on it.

Unfortunately, there probably isn't going to be any merchandise available yet for us all to get our hands on. Regardless, Monday will be a hugely exciting day, so make sure to check in at noon for the press conference!

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