More 'superstar to Seattle' speculation

Talks about Thierry Henry have cooled off, for now, due in part to the enormous fee it would cost and the fact that clubs like Chelsea are potentially in the running to acquire his services. But the Sounders (we can call them that now, yay!) are still clearly going to be looking for a player of international quality to lead their team in 2009. With that said, here's a guy they may be looking at.... Juan Roman Riquelme.

Here's why. According to Telam, Argentina's official news agency, MLS has just recently offered 15 million dollars for the Argentine superstar (currently playing for Boca Juniors in his home country). Combine that information with Seattle's deep pockets, the recent comments about going after a big name if available, and the fact that Adrian Hanauer IS on his way to Argentina today or tomorrow, and this possibility seems like it has a chance.

Obviously, this has a long shot of actually happening. If it did, though... wow. Riquelme, unlike Henry, is in his prime, and is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world. We'll be keeping tabs on this as it (hopefully) develops.

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ningwers said...

Speaking of established players coming to Seattle, I found this article today about Marcus Hahnemann's interest in coming back to play for the Sounders. I'm a bit biased because I'm a Reading fan, but I'd love to see Marcus in a Sounders uniform. He's no spring chicken, but he's still a very solid goaltender (Reading's poor goal's against record this season is due more to defensive lapses in front of Marcus than his goaltending).