Cuban connection?

We've got word that three defectors from the Cuban U-23 national team - keeper Jose Manuel Miranda, midfielder Yordany Alvarez and defender and former captain Yenier Bermudez - are probably on their way to Seattle to try out. Sounders fans may remember a similar situation, as three years ago Cuban striker Maykel Galindo defected, joined the Sounders and scored a few goals while battling injuries. He has since gone on to start for Chivas USA and has scored 13 goals over the last 2 years in MLS. Are Miranda, Alvarez and Bermudez potential MLS players? Hard to say.

We're still trying to get more details on the situation of these three players, but here's the jist of it. The three Cubans tried out for the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA over the last week or so, but were unable to sign contracts basically since they don't currently have identification. Quite possibly, when they get said identification in the coming months, Seattle will be fighting with the two Los Angeles clubs to sign these promising players. Someone should introduce them to the Mariners' Cuban shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt when they arrive. Or maybe buy them a sandwich from Paseo.

And from the LA Times, here's the back story on Miranda, Alvarez and Bermudez. It's really a fascinating one.

(MONDAY NIGHT EDIT: Still no word on whether or not the three are in Seattle yet, but the Sounders have definitely been talking with them.)


Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder whether the owners would rather play a Euro/English style of play or a South American style. It'll really depend on the types of players they get. But from them scouting in South America and Africa it sounds like they're leaning towards the South American style. Is there one way people here would prefer?

Ness said...

Of the two, yeah, I think they're leaning a little more South American, or at least more freely attacking soccer. Which is the most entertaining type, obviously. Me, I want to see the style that wins MLS Cups. :P

Wendell said...

I watch mostly English soccer and I must say that watching Arsenal play their style is a real treat. Even though its not winning them much. Their passing, flowing style would be great to watch here but I'm not sure how it would work with the level of players the MLS has. I've started watching more MLS matches lately just to get to know the foes we'll be seeing in the future. I'm pleasently surprised by how much the quality of play has gone up since the last time I watched regularly a few years ago. Hopefully the coach we settle on will coach this so called winning style, sounds good to me.