Tickets, please

You can buy tickets for the Brazil-Canada match May 31 as of now. Technically, only season-ticket holders are able to do so, but even if you're not one, go to the Ticketmaster website, find the match and enter the code of SOUNDERSFC. We won't tell if you won't.

Also, for the clever fans who already have their season tickets locked up, seat selection is now available. (That information's been emailed to you, of course.) The link here lets you see the view in Qwest from each section, as well as price and stuff. We'll probably be in section 139 or 140, and the supporters groups will be chanting, cheering and getting their drink on in sections 121-123. Ticket prices are actually quite reasonable, starting with under $300 for the 18-game season package, so we'll play advertiser and tell you to sign up if you haven't already. Really, if you're a soccer fan, why wouldn't you?

(Tried to link a picture of the seating map, but it's taking like 20 minutes to upload for some reason, so instead you can view it here.)


David Leech said...

Do Ticketmaster have tickets at Qwest Field locked up? Or can I go down to Qwest Field and by them in person? I have a very great desire to avoid Ticketmaster scamming $8.15 per ticket 'convenience' charge.

Ness said...

You can get them from the Qwest box office. And yes, Ticketmaster's charges are straight ridiculous. $2.50 to receive tickets via email? Whaa?