Another announcement... tomorrow

First there was the official team announcement back in November. Then there was the naming a couple of months ago. Now the next step in the short but glorious history of Seattle Sounders FC is about to occur, and this one is open to all fans. The team jersey is about to be unveiled and everyone is invited to to witness it at Qwest Field tomorrow at 11:30 AM. And as usual, there's a leak. I'm not going to link to the supposed photo of the kit simply because I'd probably be asked to take it down anyways. In any case, the real thing will be available to be seen soon enough. In addition, I'll be going and taking plenty of pictures. If you want to say hi and tell me how awesome/awful/other adjective this blog is, I'll be the tall skinny guy in the blue pinstriped USA jersey. Come on down - it's free and hopefully fun!

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