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So I was sitting in section 121 at Qwest Field, listening to Joe Roth talk about how he (quite impressively) had woken up at 5 AM in Los Angeles this morning and had gotten to Seattle for the jersey unveiling at 11:30. I reached into my bag to pull out my camera and turned it on. The words "change batteries" showed up on the screen. I stared at it in sadness for about 15 seconds and put it away. So, no pictures from the event. Instead, here's an image of our new jersey!
Can't complain. It's unique (no other team in MLS has a green jersey) and doesn't look too busy or too boring. With over 16,000 season deposits being made, you can bet that these jerseys will be flying off of the shelves just as soon as they're on them in the first place. Which could be as soon as this Saturday. Some sort of merchandise will be available at the Qwest Field team shop by this Saturday, but it's unlikely (not impossible) that this jersey is among stuff available to purchase. We'll find out...

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And there is will be the Band

The FC Sounders Band will set a NEW STANDARD for musical groups. Seeking a diverse variety of drum & brass players familiar with World Music, Drum Corps, Marching Band, Jazz, Funk, Latin, etc.

If you play congas, steel drums, snare, tenors, bass, cymbals -OR- trumpets, mellophones, trombones, baritones and tubas/sousaphones - AUDITION, June 1st at Qwest Field.

To Register go to:

Also check out: http://www.soundersfc.com/Article.aspx?id=1578 .