Oh, Canada...

...you came so close to a remarkable result, but it was just not to be.

Like every other soccer fan in Seattle with half a brain and 40 dollars, I was at Qwest Field Saturday night to watch the respective national teams of Canada and Brazil clash. The result was an incredibly entertaining game that ended in a 3-2 victory for the samba-loving South American side. One interesting thing was seeing aging star keeper Kasey Keller alongside Drew Carey at the match. Draw your own conclusions from that if you so choose. Aside from that, the action was fantastic, with Brazil trading attacks with a surprisingly competent Canada throughout the match. The atmosphere was even better, with almost 50,000 filling the stands and constant noise provided by the Brazilian drummers. Simply put, if you weren't there, you should've been.

Row W of the 300 level in Qwest doesn't provide one with the best of game action views, but here's a few shots from the match anyways.

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