The futility of expansion teams: A brief history

2008 - San Jose, on pace for 25 points in 30 games. 
Last place in MLS.
2007 - Toronto FC, 25 points in 30 games.
Last place in MLS.
2005 - Chivas USA, 18 points in 32 games. 
Last place in MLS.
2005 - Real Salt Lake, 20 points in 32 games. 
2nd to last place in MLS.

Assuming San Jose doesn't improve a huge amount in a short time period, each of the last 4 expansion teams to enter MLS will have gone on to have hilariously pathetic seasons. The only one not to be last place in the league was Real Salt Lake, only because the other expansion team was even worse. The good folks running Seattle Sounders FC have said that they want to be competitive immediately, but based on recent history, this seems quite unlikely to happen. Just having a team in MLS should be enough for the 2009 season, Sounders fans. Lets keep our expectations in check.


Anonymous said...

Poor post. You somewhat contradict yourself because of your "Dream Big" post from a few weeks ago. Granted, I completely agree with both of your entries, it nevertheless makes you look foolish.

Ness said...

I don't think they contradict themselves at all. The previous post just said that the Sounders are well positioned to potentially get a big-name superstar. Here, I'm saying that on-the-field success is likely not going to come in the first season. Those two points can and do coexist, and I think both will happen - the Sounders probably will bring a well known international star, and it probably won't be enough to make them seriously competitive in their first year.

Besides, if you agree completely, who's the foolish one? :)

Anonymous said...

Anon = pwnt

Ness ftw