What we might be paying

Along with the team name and all the goodies that go along with it, details about season ticket prices will be released sometime this spring. We didn't want to wait, however, so we calculated the average ticket prices in MLS. We took 4 categories (the best midfield non-club seats, other midfield seats, corner seats and endline seats) from every club (except the Galaxy, their website hates us apparently) and plugged the data into Excel. Away we go:

Best midfield: $31.08 average per game
Other midfield: $24.46
Corner seats: $17.11
Endline seats:$14.27

Pretty reasonable, yes? Of course, there will also be suites and club seats up for sale, but if you're interested in those, the cost probably isn't all that important to you, Mr. Moneybags. For everyone else, you can anticipate paying under 20 bucks a game in 2009 if you're a season ticket holder. Also worth noting is that the most comparable stadium to Qwest, New England's Gillette Stadium, is incredibly cheap - they have midfield seats directly in the center for $24 per game and corner seats for $14. A sign of things to come? Hopefully...

And if you want our information/calculations and all that noise, send us an email. seattlemls@hotmail.com

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