And the nominees are...

Seattle's future MLS team will be named either Seattle Alliance, Seattle Republic, Seattle FC, or... something else. Yes, fans will be able to write in a different name if they feel passionate about it. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

It has become apparent that the guys running Seattle MLS would rather go in a new direction as far as the team name. Fair enough, they surely have their reasons. But at least they respect their fans enough to allow the possibility of the Seattle Sounders name to carry over into MLS.

We'd been operating under the assumption that the name would be changed in some way, shape, or form. But now there is potential to keep the Sounders alive, the team that went toe to toe with Pele's New York Cosmos in the 70's - and that was/is a 4-time title winning powerhouse in the USL. And that's changed our minds. So write in your vote for Seattle Sounders. Tell all your friends, family, teammates, even the guitar-playing hobo on the sidewalk that you pass on your way to work. Like reggae legend Jimmy Cliff sang, You can get it if you really want.

Vote Sounders!


Anonymous said...

NO, no on Sounders! I'll take my money back or just lose it. I'll never EVER attend a game or be a part of a team named "sounders"!

Ness said...

The name 'Sounders' has history, it's internationally known and it sounds good for an American-style name. So, uh, why the vehement protest? I'd love to hear your reason(s).

MarkE said...

Ignorant question - are the Sounders going to continue in NASL, or discontinued as a team?


As regards the choices, I like these options. The sign of a good poll is when you don't feel too strongly against any of the alternatives.

I'm least drawn towards plain old Seattle FC - it's unimaginative, and the likelihood is that the side would just get dubbed "Sounders" locally anyway.

Alliance and Republic are both good (although are they abbreiviate-able? The Allies has connotations that are too formal, the Reps doesn't sound right and neither the Pubs!). I'm torn between those two for my vote, but not Sounders. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Ness, I really have no rational reason to dislike the name, I just hate it. I also hate liver and onions, and Todd Blackledge. All lack any connection to sanity I assure you. I would like to see a more original name though, Sounders reminds me of minor league soccer, granted it was very successful, but minor league none the less. Really, if they went with Emerald City FC I think that might be good. Not all that original though (save for the emerald city thing).

Anonymous said...

How about:
Seattle Reign

DJ Thor said...

Well you guys were pretty accurate in your suppositions about names.
I don't feelas vehement about "Sounders" as anonymous does, but they can't keep the same name for the USL and then in the MLS.
Maybe the problem was that when the USL team got going, it should have had a different name from the NASL, then we could go back to "Sounders". Now its time to move on?
I chose FC FWIW. Dull, yes, but sort of simple and classy.
My previous comments on "Allinace" stand (as anonymous previously)
and Republic, where on earth did that come from! (Oh, hang on, I remember the Socialist Workers bit).

DJ Thor said...

Sorry anonymous, I don't like Seattle Reign, becuase its a bad pun. Personal preference maybe, but I am a footbal traditionalist(Goes into long tale of how Maradona robbed England in 1986....)

Anonymous said...

OK, Ness, here's why not to use "Sounders." A sounder is a herd of wild pigs. Look it up in a big dictionary or the Farmer's Almanac. Sorry I didn't see your blog in time to tell you earlier -- I'm a new "Anonymous."

The suggested names are lame too. We need something better. How about Seattle Shock Wave? Seaquake, maybe. Seattle 'Sunami (or Tsunami) or Tidal Wave. Seattle Cloudburst, alluding to the rainy weather. Seattle Salvo. Seattle Expedition or Jet Stream or anything with some originality behind it.

Ness said...

Seattle Seaquake? Seriously? What, would our games with the San Jose Earthquakes be the Tectonic Derby?

In any case, that's all irrelevant, because the name will come from the voting.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, you're right; "Seaquake" is too close to San Jose's monicker. Thanks for pointing that out. On the other hand, if MLSinSeattle doesn't back off from those 3 (4, counting "Sounders") really unacceptable names, this franchise won't have a chance. If enough people write in to customerservice@mlsinseattle.com, and insist on a decent name before they consider buying into the team, just maybe we can make an impression.

Anonymous said...

The Seattle Cascades
The Seattle Rush
The Seattle Innovation
The Seattle Aurora
The Seattle Wave
The Seattle Volcanoes