It's up to you!

From March 27 to March 31, the future fans of Seattle MLS will be able to pick from one of three name choices, and cast their vote on what our future soccer team should be called.

Of course, the three choices will have been carefully selected by the ownership, and none of them may appeal to some fans (especially if, as rumored, the traditional 'Seattle Sounders' name is not among the options.) MLS commissioner Don Garber's comments indicate this as well: “While we should celebrate the past, we believe the MLS Seattle team should be about where we are headed tomorrow and help position the club globally.”

Still, at worst, this is a nice little gesture from the people upstairs, and at best it's a sign of how much this organization will care about and listen to the fans. So CAST YOUR VOTE! Unless you're voting for a crappy name. Oh, and as for the choices? Those won't be officially revealed until Tuesday, March 25 - which will allow the buzz to grow around the city. Savvy decision.

However. Here are the three likely choices, all of which have domain names parked. Seattle FC. Seattle Republic. Seattle Alliance. One wonders whether we're building a soccer club or an army... but we'll reserve judgment until Tuesday, when the names are actually announced.

Voting will be on www.MLSinSeattle.com

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Anonymous said...

Seattle Alliance (or should it be Allianz?), is just odd. In Britain, it would be the name of a building society (like a Savings and Loans).
Seattle Republic, needs the "Workers' Socialist" before it, and if the full name was "The Workers' Socialist Seattle Republic", then sign me up!
Ultimately, maybe boring old Seattle FC will do.
Still, at least we may be able to vote on it.
And maybe, for long time fans, the team could keep "Sounders" as their nickname, like Liverpool are the Rds, Everton the Toffees, and Arsenal the Bastards.