Breaking News: There Isn't Any!

A name announcement is almost certainly 1 to 2 months away, but that doesn't mean we have to stop talking about it. Especially since there's been a dearth of actual, honest news about Seattle MLS in the last, oh, since the team's been announced. So here's sort of a summary of the names that might be on the table. Oh, and don't be scared that we're going to end up as the Seattle Sockeyes with a grey-and-pink kit... if one of these names below isn't picked, we'd be shocked.

Seattle Sounders - The seemingly obvious one. At least for the fans - the ownership group is probably leaning towards something new. Doubt this happens.

Seattle Sounders FC (or SC) - Sort of a compromise... the traditional FC notation in addition to keeping the Sounders name. If we had to place a bet, it'd be on this. 

Seattle FC - A nice, harmless international-sounding name... but with FC Dallas and Toronto FC already in the league, would this really be a serious choice? ...yeah, it might be. It rolls off the tongue nicely, for whatever it's worth.

Seattle United - See above, thanks to DC United. The key with these names-without-nicknames is that USL supporters could continue using 'Sounders' as an unofficial nickname.

Inter Seattle (Seattle International FC) - We're unconvinced that this is really an option, but it does fall in line with the worldly theme Hanauer and co. seem keen on. 


Anonymous said...

Please not Inter Seattle! It is in the same vein as Real Salt Lake, contrived and quite out of context to an English sounding name.
Likewise United is quite wrong as there is nothing being united in the process.
Perhaps they could decide to make the announcement on a Wednesday, and become, Seattle Wednesday.
Or since it is Seattle, maybe, Seattle Friday. Or even Seattle July. Or, oh I give up.
Please just go with something sensible (but not Sounders).

Ness said...
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Ness said...

I think they should go the sponsorship route and call themselves Seattle's Best FC.

But why do you, almighty anonymous, dislike 'Sounders?'

Gentleman Agitator said...

As someone who remembers the NASL Sounders, I would like to see the tradition continued.

However, if a new name must be...

If United, how about Puget Sound United? That unites Seattle and Tacoma and everyone else in the area in a name.

With some of the names and logos that have been in MLS, I cringe whenever I hear there is a new club. I just hope we don't see a Starbucks logo on the jersey. Ugh.

MarkE said...

How about a twist on the original theme? Just "Seattle Sound"?

I know that it's used in other contexts, but then so has "Sounder", so... whatever.

Don't like the Inter thing, not one bit. A franchise doesn't have to use a franchised suffix.

I know it's not exactly in the same league, but a few friends and I recently established a Sunday morning team and named ourselves after a local road (it was original, at least), and founded "Roebuck Gate FC". Can similar inspiration be drawn from the geography of the area specific to Quest Field?

And no, Seattle SoDos doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

Response to ness, I really should register or something, but I'm not a fan of the options (and if you don't like it, you're going home in a St John's Ambulance...ah, Elland Road).
I don't like Sounders, because, strictly personally speaking, I lived most of my life with the European leagues, and Sounders 'sounds' too much like a bad basketball team. And yes, I am aware of the NASL history.
So, I suppose I have a bad mix of English traditionalism and dislike of 'Franchise sounding names".
That said Seattle's Best FC is excellent.