Of Montreal

Seattle isn't the only team from the USL that will be effectively promoted into Major League Soccer in the near future. The Montreal Impact, 2-time USL champions, are looking to move up.When? That's up in the air. Maybe as soon as 2009 or as late as 2012. MLS hasn't officially announced anything... yet, but we'd be highly surprised if they passed on Montreal. Cause they have all the parts in place.
Rich ownership? Check - Joey Saputo (Impact chairman) is teaming up with George Gillett, the part-owner of Liverpool FC. Good market? Check - Montreal, a large and unique city, would be Quebec's team and would certainly develop a crackling rivalry with Toronto FC. 
And stadium? Yeah, check. Check it out below. The brand-new Stade Saputo holds 13500 people and can be expanded easily to 17000 (potentially more). Not bad, eh?

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