Site things and notes

Obviously, this site has been updated very infrequently. Our excuse is that it's hard to write a blog for a team that won't exist for like 15 months. But someone's gotta do it. (What? You say that's not true? Well, we say 'shut up.' Heh.)

So here's the deal. We promise to post at LEAST twice weekly* from now until the team name and colors are announced... at which point this site will undergo a DAZZLING new upgrade and become seriously awesome. Our goal is to be the first** - and best - blog/website/internet thingy dedicated solely to whatever the hell our Seattle MLS team is going to be called. Whatever it is, the team will likewise be seriously awesome. Dazzling, even.

We promise interviews. We promise analysis. We promise whatever else you can think of. (Seriously - want us to write about something? Email us to let us know.) This is a slow period, but it only gets better from here, and we promise to take you through it. Get ready, future Seattle MLS fans. It's gonna be awesome.

*Unless we forget or something.
**Turns out we're already the first. So, we win! YES!
***Honestly, we feel sorry for you Alaskans. Consider yourselves cordially invited aboard the good ship USS MLS Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite!
Can't wait for "09"
Grew up on the Sounders in the 70's and 80's beforing moving North.
as for not having a "PRO Team" We do! the Alaska Aces. a member of the ECHL (Formerly known as the East Coast Hockey League) in 2006 they captured the League Championship. and we have an Arean 2 football team known as the Alaska Wild, entering it's 2nd sesason in April.

Go Sounders.

Ness said...

Whoops, meant 1st division pro team. No disrespect to the Aces or Wild. :)

Good to have you on board.