Huskies to MLS, Cougars to KFC

File this away for later - two senior forwards from the University of Washington, Ely Allen and Kevin Forrest, are invited to the 2008 MLS player combine taking place next week. Around 60 top prospects primarily from the US have been invited, and all of them have a future playing professional soccer.

Allen, from Kent, racked up 26 goals and 12 assists in his UW career. Forrest, who is from Edmonds and is (in our possibly incorrect opinion) the more talented of the two, was injured for much of the 2007 season. He had 34 goals and 6 assists in his career.

Both have a good chance of going in the draft, and if not, either or both of them could find themselves wanted by the USL Sounders, in preparation for the big show of Seattle MLS. The club will be offensive-minded, and these are two excellent offensive players. Remember these names.

(If you're reading this and you're a WSU graduate who actually works at KFC, well, it could be worse. At least you didn't go to Eastern.)

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