Kicking it with... Kevin Forrest

UW's Kevin Forrest, former Pac-10 Player of the Year, was unfortunately passed over in the MLS Draft but will likely be picked in the Supplemental Draft next week. We tracked him down on Myspace and he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Seattle MLS - So what's your plan from here? Just wait and see where you go in the supplemental draft?

Forrest - For now I will just wait and see how the supplemental draft goes, and if I get called in somewhere I'll definitely give it a shot.

SeaMLS - How was the combine? Was that the toughest competition you've ever faced?

Forrest - The competition at the Combine was good, but it wasn't anything new. It was a little more difficult for me having not played in a while, but the level was what you would expect from a group of good college players.

SeaMLS - Are you 100% recovered? (He missed much of last season with a stress fracture.)

Forrest - The Combine games were my first games back, fortunately my foot held up and seems to be healed. As far as gaining full fitness back I still have a ways to go and I still have to be careful about overtraining so that I don't put myself in a position to stress my injury.

SeaMLS - On a scale of 1 to awesome, how would it be to play professional soccer in Seattle?

Forrest - I love Seattle and playing here would be amazing. For now I have to keep my options open and take opportunities as they come, but if I end up playing here I couldn't be happier.

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