Already Making Headlines

Seattle's hiring of Chris Henderson is on the front page of MLSnet.com as of now. It's great to see the club to-be getting such positive press more than a year before the team begins play, and especially to see things like this (from Henderson):

"The stadium experience will be incredible. We're confident that the 24,500 lower bowl will be filled to capacity. The fan club sections, the VIP sections will be state of the art. Word around the country is all about what is going on in Seattle. We'll all -- fans, organization and players alike -- be part of something big. I'm happy to be coming home to see it."

All the ingredients seem to be in place to build a team/franchise that can be perennially successful - the Asian connection, a great (on paper) ownership group, a brilliant stadium in the heart of an amazing city. And that's what has us so excited; we could be not only major league, we could be one of the best major league franchises. In America. Sweetness.

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