MLS Cup - back on, by popular demand

Yesterday we learned that KOMO had bumped the nation's most important soccer game of the year for Hannah Montana. At the time, words failed us.

The original reason was that the FCC requires a certain amount of children's 'educational' programming, and so instead of cutting off NASCAR or one of the 3 football games ABC is showing on Saturday, MLS Cup will not be shown on channel 4 in Seattle.

However, we've just learned that the game will be shown live in Seattle on ESPN2! Keep in mind, if you live elsewhere, it's still on ABC. Big ups to all those who called in and/or emailed KOMO to make your voice heard. Also, respect to KOMO, ABC, ESPN, Adrian Hanauer or whoever got this thing figured out. Seattle soccer fans will be appreciative.

*EDIT* We aren't going to be able to post this weekend, so here's our MLS Cup prediction: New England 2, Houston 1. We're rooting for Houston, though, so we win either way.

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Anonymous said...

It was not on Comcast in Federal Way. Tennis was on ESPN2.