MLS 2007 season ends

The Houston Dynamo won their second MLS Cup in a row yesterday, 2-1, defeating New England on yet another clutch Dwayne De Rosario goal (as San Jose fans quaked with anger). And with the 2007 season ending, now would be a good time to do a congratulatory post.

First, obviously, congratulations to the Dynamo for being the best team in MLS for two years running.

Second, congratulations to the NE Revolution for being the second best team in MLS for three years running.

And lastly, we should give props to all the Seattle Unnamed FC fans who have already signed up and made a deposit for season tickets. At least 6000 deposits have been made - and that's before ticket prices have been released. So respect to all you who have signed up. If you haven't yet, uh, no hurry... there's still about 500 days to go until the first game. But do sign up eventually, as the cheap-seat season plans shouldn't cost more than $300. That's an awesome deal. Go for it.

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