The Name Game

Over 8000 Seattleites evidently like soccer enough to place season ticket deposits without even knowing the name of our future team. Nevertheless, this is currently the hottest topic of discussion in Seattle soccer circles. The basic question is... to be Sounders, or not to be Sounders?

So against our better judgment, we're going to offer our opinion. The obvious reason to keep the Sounders name would be to preserve the rich history of soccer this city has. But if the new team has a different name, we will not be 'throwing away our history,' as some hardcore Sounder fans might argue. The ownership group (especially Adrian Hanauer) knows soccer and the importance of its history, and if the name is changed, they will surely take measures to preserve this. Keeping the same blue and green colors would be a start. Another way would be to put (with Paul Allen's blessing) a Seattle soccer museum in Qwest field, with banners, photos and newspapers from the days of the Sounders in the NASL and A-League/USL.

Of course, Sounders would be just peachy, but if not, we trust the owners to not pick a ridiculous name. If they could both take steps to preserve this cities' soccer history and still pick a classy, more 'traditional' soccer name like Seattle City or Inter Seattle, that would arguably be the best of both worlds. And hey, if they pick something horrendously stupid (Seattle Strikerz! Wooo!), there's always the chance that us fans could bitch enough to make them change it, like what happened in San Jose a few years ago.

In conclusion, a name change wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Feel free to vehemently disagree.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I hope they don't use the Sounders name, as the team is new, and not the same old USL side.
Even with the NASL history, it would be nice if the team, as the main piece suggests, could choose a traditional football name. My vote goes to 'Wanderers' or 'Rovers'. Both have very old traditional backgrounds and would reflect the city's history as a base for exploration of Alaska etc.
Failing that, the Geoducks seems about right.

Chris said...

That's interesting you suggest Wanderers/Rovers. I like the sentiment behind them, but prefer Explorers myself, which I suggested to the club on their web site. It's reminiscent of the English club names, but with a nod to the American tradition of having a more tangible and official team nickname.

I couldn't possible hate Inter Seattle or Seattle City any more than I already do. They would challenge "Real Salt Lake" as the worst name in the American, non-female sports landscape.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...

Chicago- er, Seattle Supersonics. (lame)
Seattle Seahawks.
Seattle Mariners.

Birds and boats, what's left? (excluding Trail Blazers or Timbers) Seattle Chum? Seattle Wild Salmon? Seattle Squid? Surge? Surf?

I don't think naming after industry really worked that well, but Seattle Softies? (ha!)

You could always go for a native name like Seattle Snoquomish... or not.

I agree, please no dorky Seattle F.C. or Seattle Socceroos (sorry Aussies) or the like. Or Rovers.. Blackburn does just fine by that name.

In the end, it just might be better to buy the Sounders for the name and history! It's the right thing to do, and increases marketability. People love ye olde history (even when it isn't, really).