Calabro to be the voice of the Sounders

Another stroke of genius and luck has come to Seattle's 2009 entry into MLS, as Kevin Calabro will be the first announcer for Seattle Sounders FC. King 5 and KONG (channel 6) will be the local broadcast team, and around 5 games will be on King 5, broadcast throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Calabro is obviously a legend, having called games for the late Seattle Supersonics for seemingly ever, greatly endearing him to his listeners. Don't be worried about the transition between sports for Calabro. He made light of it, saying "A lot of commonalities between the MLS and NBA - New York is dead last in the NBA, and dead last in the MLS." He seems genuinely excited for his new job, and he sounds like he knows more about soccer than I honestly would expected. (Although he certainly has a lot to learn.) I can almost guarantee that he will be a great spokesman and face of the franchise in 2009 and the years to follow.

(Calabro will be on King 5 at 5:45, so tune in then if you want to hear him talk some more.)

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