Freddy Adu is not good enough for the Seattle Sounders

According to this article out of the New York Times, prior to Freddy Adu's loan to AS Monaco, he was offered to three teams in MLS. One of them was Seattle Sounders FC. All three teams turned the player down.

Now, this isn't as ridiculous as it seems on the surface. The 19 year old Adu, one of the stars of the US National team heading to the Olympics, would have cost so much that he would have required a designated player slot. The Sounders, of course, will only have one such slot. So the front office must have designs on either a player more talented and famous than Adu, and probablyone who will be a quality player for the club for more than one year. Given that the franchise has made all the right moves up to this point, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

This brings about the obvious question that I can't entirely answer - what player could the Sounders be targeting that would be better, on and off the pitch, than Freddy Adu?


bedir than average said...

Likely they didn't want Adu on a Single Year Loan. Especially since the first half of that year would be with the USL club and the offseason.

Would you want to use the DP slot on a player that you only have for the first half of the inagural season?

Ness said...

Your point is valid, and is something I should have mentioned, but still... every MLS club that hasn't used their DP slot would be doing backflips if they could add a player of Adu's caliber, fame and age. Think San Jose would have been glad to have him spearheading their attack, even for only a few months?

In any case, it may not have been just a single year loan - I heard that Monaco has an option to buy him as well. (Correct me if I'm wrong, however.)

bedir than average said...

I hadn't read about the option to buy in full transfer. If that was the case and I were the GM I would have done it.

That would have guarunteed an appearence in the US Open Cup Final to be hosted at Qwest and would have given a huge name that could sell additional seats.

Anonymous said...

Sounders should sign Benny Feilhaber.
right now!