A team of the world

There could be a lot of different nationalities represented on the Sounders FC this coming season. Behold:

Fredy Montero (Columbia)
Osvaldo Alonso (Cuba)
Khano Smith (Bermuda)
Jarrod Smith (New Zealand)
Sebastien Le Toux (France)
Sanna Nyassi (The Gambia)
Steve Zakuani (Congo and U.K)
Freddie Ljungberg (Sweden)

If you want to go even further, Hugo Alcarez-Cuellar, a USL Sounders midfielder, is from Mexico, and recent signee Taylor Graham has played for the Puerto Rican national team (despite his being completely American).

That's a total of four different languages, five different continents and a bunch of completely different styels of soccer. The official website says 'the Seattle Sounders FC will be comprised from the top talent around the world'. While they might be stretching the term 'top talent' a little bit, they've certainly covered almost all parts of the globe.


soundersfan said...

Where's our Ichiro? shouldn't we have somebody from Asia considering our geographic location?

Anonymous said...

I thought Nyassi was Gambian...

Ness said...

He is, of course. That's what I get for going off memory. Gambia sounds like Ghana. Thanks.

We're still looking for at least one more defender. The J-league and K-league don't start until March, so we could, conceivably, get an Asian player. As long as he's quality. Signing someone solely to pander to a demographic is never a good idea.