New year, new teams

While the Sounders are joining MLS in 2009, they will leave Seattle without an entry in the minor-leagues of USL. Or so we thought. Recently the USL website has listed a mysterious 'Seattle' club under the new PDL clubs for 2009. (PDL is about the third division of USL, and the fourth tier of American soccer.)

I have very good reason to believe that we will be seeing this team announced soon, likely within the next week. I am also fairly certain that this team will be affiliated with the Sounders FC in some way, probably as their U-23 team. I do not know that last part for a fact, but it seems likely. A U-23 team would be a great step forward in the player development department. Such a team would probably play an 8 to 10 game season at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila.

Whether this mystery team is essentially a Sounders youth squad or not, it will mean more soccer in Seattle, and that can only be good. It's a nice way to start off what should be a fabulous 2009.


GoSounders.com said...

The Un-named PDL team will definitely be tied to Sounders FC from what we've been told.

Sounder at Heart said...

I'm very excited to see Sounders FC find ways to make the USL work for them, rather than against them.

While other clubs' fans are moaning about the Reserve Division being canceled SSFC is finding ways to continue to build for the future.

Being active in the PDL also will enable SSFC to scout some local talents a little better. In MLB teams like Minnesota and Atlanta draft from their region quite heavily, as they know the talent level. You may recall that both of these scouting oriented franchises had long periods of great success while competing with teams that had more resources.

Gaining a foothold in WA/OR/BC gives Sounders FC a nice pool of over 10M people. Even if both PDX and VBC come up, Seattle will still have the largest state.