Say hello to Sanna

The Sounders have signed their third player for the 2009 season, and it's the first one you've probably never heard of. 19 year old midfielder Sanna Nyassi, from Ghana, is their newest addition.

Sanna, just 5'8", is the twin brother of Sainey Nyassi, a midfielder for league power New England who has 2 goals in 14 starts/18 games. Sanna is a similar player to his brother, as he has pretty good technical skills, an okay shot and ridiculously quick pace. Sainey is an extremely talented young player, and Sanna hopefully will prove to be the same. He'll play out the rest of the year on the USL Sounders before joining the big club in 2009, and I'd expect that to be on a full senior contract instead of a developmental one. (Translation - he'll make around 35k next year.) I'd say he projects to be a wing player in MLS, but that's just my opinion. In all regards, this is a good signing - a low risk, high reward young player. Welcome aboard, Sanna.

Official team announcement

(Oh man am I going to mix up their names so many times you have no idea)

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