The future: Marcus Tracy

"A game-changer with speed and skill... Very dominant in the air..."

Among the many things Seattle's MLS franchise has going for it - the Sounders will have the number 1 pick in the MLS College draft. They will have the ability to add to their team any 1 player, at any position, from any college team in the country. Some might mock this draft as being outdated or an ineffective way to add quality players, but the #1 pick is different. This is where the Freddy Adu's and Marvell Wynne's join MLS. And Seattle will have a chance to add the next one.

"Capable of scoring with head and feet... A threat at any moment..."

These are some of the words that Wake Forest's website uses to describe Marcus Tracy, their star senior striker who just might be the best college player in the country. At 6'1", 170, he possesses enough size to go up against any defender, as well as the speed to blow past them. He is a prototypical striker, one who led his team to the college championship last year and has kicked off his final Wake Forest season by scoring 4 goals (3 of them game-winners) in 4 games. Even with his 31 points racked up last year, he might not have the sexiest statistical resume in the country, but he almost indisputably has the best skill set among college players. Tracy's upside is tremendous.

"Continues to flourish and improve with experience and physical maturity... "

The only knock anybody has on Marcus Tracy is his health - he was hurt for most of 2005 and some of 2006. If he stays healthy through this year, then those questions can probably be put to bed. With those aside, what you have in Tracy is a ridiculous athlete, a good teammate and a very smart young man - he passed on turning pro last year in favor of completing his economics degree at Wake Forest. By all accounts he is a fantastic college prospect - one who the Sounders should be considering very, very strongly with their first pick in the draft come January of 2009.
See the future in action here and here.

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