My expansion draft wishlist

Looking for players in MLS to keep your eye on? Here are 10 players I think will be available in the expansion draft for the Sounders that would be worth picking up.

Brandon Prideaux – Chicago, Defender
Brian Carroll - Columbus, D-Midfielder
Nate Jaqua- Houston, Striker
Justin (NOT Ryan) Braun – Chivas USA, Striker
Julius James – Toronto, Defender
Khano Smith – New England, Wing Midfielder
Santino Quaranta – DC United, Striker
Ian Joy – Real Salt Lake, Defender
Omar Cummings– Colorado, Midfielder
Aaron Hohlbein – KC, D-Midfielder

Of these 10, Prideaux and Carroll are the established and savvy veterans, and Cummings and James the high-upside rookies. The rest fall somewhere in between. All would look good in a Sounders kit next year.


GS-1 said...

Good list! But yeah, you did the 'Ryan' Braun thing again. ;)

scott47a said...

I would be shocked if James was available and I wonder what kind of deal Houston has with Jaqua. I'm sure they will want him back if he is at all interested in returning. They are much better with him than without him.

I think most of your list makes sense, though.

Ness said...

Remember that all but 1 senior international has to be protected, and Toronto is up to their ears in internationals. My list has him as their 11th or 12th guy, so yeah, he might just be protected anyways.

I don't know the specifics of Jaqua's deal, but I don't think he signed it until Houston would agree he'd be a Sounder next season. I assumed it meant leaving him unprotected in the ex. draft, but I could be wrong.

jason said...

Columbus won't expose their workhorse (Carroll), nor will DC expose their backup for Moreno (Quaranta). I think Seattle will get Prideaux almost by default (ditto for Jaqua). Other than that, it's a solid, if unspectacular, group of picks.

Ness said...

Yeah, over the last few weeks I've figured that Quaranta's probably not gonna happen. He's really created a lot for DC. I'm unconvinced on Carroll, though. Columbus is so deep that some good players will have to be exposed. Add that to his sort-of high salary and I think we get him.

Hard Hat Mike said...
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Hard Hat Mike said...

Carroll? I understand that this is a 'wish list' but Carroll is one of the absolute key reasons for Columbus' turn-around this season. Don Garber would move to Columbus (the one MLS city he hates above all others) before Sigi leaves BC unprotected.

Common wisdom in Crew Land suggests that we'll probably leave Jason Garey, Danny O'Rourke, or Steven Lenhart unprotected.

Ness said...

Aw crap, I see what I did wrong. Robbie Rogers is still on a Developmental contract - didn't even cross my mind since he's playing so well. That opens up another spot, and yeah, Carroll would be protected in that case. I guess we take O'Rourke then, or Padula if he's available.

Here's a new thought. I joked about this earlier, but what if Christian Gomez was left unprotected? He's not playing at Colorado, and he's making max salary... might they want him gone that badly?

Anonymous said...

We have never lost with Padula in the Line up, He'll be protected as well.

Anonymous said...

You'll not get Padula either.

I'd stick with the three names provided to you above: Garey, Lenhart, or O'rourke. We'll throw in Ezra for free.

stuck_in_sanity said...

Coming from a Revs fan: you can have Khan Smith. While you're at it, take Adam Cristman and Wells Thompson.

Jason Maxwell said...

Omar Cummings is a forward, and with only one international left unprotected you won't get him. Right now I bet Erpen is the international left unprotected by thee Rapids.

Ness said...

stuck in sanity: We'll take one of your finest Khano Smiths, then, and try and teach him not to be so annoying. Maybe the Northwest air will help him lighten up and stop yelling at fans and the like.

jason: Cummings must have been listed as MF at the start of the year and I never updated my Excel table. Colorado's the team that most confuses me, though: do they expose Bouna? If they keep Labrocca, do they keep Ballouchy as well? Send me an email, Jason or other visiting Rapids fans, I'm still trying to figure you guys out.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have Jaqua, adding to the University of Portland connection on the team with Keller.

Anonymous said...

coming from colorado i have worried about which players might be gone for the team. the rapids have a lot of young talent that i would hate to see go. I can't see them leaving cummings unprotected, he had a great season and should score many goals next campaign. Christian Gomez is someone we invested a lot in and will be locked. Bouna will stay, i could see erpen leaving and possibly labrocca.