The case for Kasey

Let's put the puzzle pieces together.

First, Kasey Keller has repeatedly said he'd like to finish his career in Seattle. Second, Sounders FC front office man Chris Henderson recently said that "...some very exciting things are about to happen. In the next month we will sign one or more players for the 2009 team. I am not at liberty to tell you their names but watch for some press releases in the next few weeks." (from Soccer Seattle Style) Now, I certainly mean no offense to the current Sounders players, but I don't think the inking of a couple of them to MLS contracts would qualify as "very exciting." Besides, those who will make the MLS club probably won't be signed until the USL season ends.

So it's been a week since Henderson's comments, and no players have been signed. Meanwhile, Kasey Keller remains mysteriously out of contract.

It's beginning to seem like a given that the northwest native will end up a Sounder. I would guess that the deal hasn't been completed yet because Keller will be loaned to a European team, probably in Germany, until December or January. So as Henderson said, look for an announcement in the upcoming weeks.


GoSounders.com said...

I think Keller would be a great aatraction for the club. With that said, I hope a DP slot isn't used on him.

bedir than average said...

They could use allocation money in order to sign him at the Max + a one time bonus. Since he's a former national team member the use of the allocation seems likely.

Since he's a free signing they do have time left, as he doens't fall into the rapidly closing transfer window.