Give a big hand to...

The incoming Philadelphia franchise, which will be the 16th to enter MLS, and will do so in their own waterfront soccer stadium (probably in 2010). It's about time that their fantastic media market and long history with soccer was rewarded. And we're especially happy for all the hard-core fans in Philly, who are so dedicated that they formed a supporters group long before their team was ever announced.

St. Louis seems to be a certainty for the 17th franchise, which almost certainly won't be until 2011 at the earliest. But after that, there's a bevy of potential cities that want and will be able to support MLS. Vancouver? Miami? Another New York team? Montreal? Anchorage??? These decisions, however, are likely a long ways off.

EDIT: With MLS saying that they're hoping to have 18 teams by 2011, those decisions might not be that far away after all! St. Louis is the definite front-runner for one of spots #17 and #18, and after that... who knows.


Matthew said...

I'd love Vancouver, Anchorage (I cannot see this happening though because of travel concerns) or Montreal.

Another canadian team to pair with Toronto makes some sense and though Vancouver might be too close to Seattle for the MLS, it would be awesome if the timing worked out for Vancouver to get a MLS team at the same time Seattle netted an NHL team. Then we could start a proper rivalry.

Ness said...

I heard yesterday that if NYC gets their stuff together, they're a lock for the 18th spot in 2011. But that's one person telling/writing me this, so take it with a shaker of salt.

Vancouver would be the best possible choice for MLS, in my totally biased opinion. As for an NHL team in the 206, there's that whole arena problem. I'd love it... don't think it's gonna happen.