Australian soccer players are all zombies

Tomorrow we'll have a post with real, actual on-topic content. We promise.

(The zombie in front plays for the Central Coast Mariners, which is like Seattle Mariners, who play across from Qwest Field, where Seattle MLS will play. ON-TOPIC.)


Chris said...

The guy in the front is John Aloisi, who scored the winning penalty, the Central Coast Mariners won the match to advance to the Grand Final.

Ness said...

Aloisi is the zombie in the front, you mean. :)

Yeah, I've been keeping tabs on the A-League this year and cheering for Mariners just due to the name. Hopefully they're up to the challenge next week.

Chris said...

Well if it's Newcastle they're in their heads, if it's Queensland, hmm I dunno, they've not had a lot of luck against Queensland but they have been the best team all year (they won the premiership for finishing first at the end of the regular season) Queensland have a lot of youngsters, I'm not sure if they'll handle the pressure. The Grand Final is on February 24, should be aired in the USA (probably Feb. 23)

By winning penalty I mean the winning penalty in Australia's world cup qualifier. Can't believe I left that out.