Seattle MLS: What We Know

As some dude named Socrates might say, we only know that we know nothing.

However, many rumors from both credible and BigSoccer sources are floating around the inter-web. So, a brief summary. The supposed group interested in bringing MLS to Seattle includes Joe Roth (formerly of Revolution Studios), Adrian Hanauer (owner of the USL Seattle Sounders) and Paul Allen, who we hear has a bunch of money or something. The as-of-yet unnamed team would play at Qwest Field, reportedly for free, thanks to Allen. They'd begin play in 2009, with a formal announcement presumably coming sometime before then.

What we also know is that inter-webbers far and wide are getting all argument-like over whether or not a new team playing in a football stadium is a bad thing. They want smaller stadiums. To which we say, meh. The team will play in Qwest. It's a flippin' gorgeous stadium. It's in the middle of downtown, close to restaurants, bars and other fun places. And the Seattle (fill_in_the_blank) soccer team will possibly play there for free.

Any logical person would realize that all these awesome goodies that come with Qwest are way cooler than having a stadium with less seats. Sadly, not all inter-webbers are, in fact, logical.

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GS-1 said...

Nice to see more Seattle MLS talk! Keep it up! No Qwest-ions asked!