Memorial Stadium Semi-Update

We're pretty interested in this issue. So here are some more things we've been hearing.

There have definitely been closed-door meetings involving Seattle city officials about a new basket ball arena in Seattle Center. The idea of also having Memorial Stadium (the ugly thing in the above picture), remodeled, renovated or rebuilt, is a possibility. A Seattle MLS team playing there is one option, and there's been a rumor that Bob Whitsitt would be interested in putting a lacrosse team there as well.

Quest Field haters, take note - there is a realistic, if somewhat small, chance that Seattle MLS is not in Quest permanently.

We are of the opinion that nothing could be cooler than a Seattle MLS team in a rebuilt Memorial Stadium. Unless, of course, a certain T.Henry was suiting up in the home colors. Paul Allen, are you listening...?


Tezcatzontecatl, said...

I'm no Qwest hater, but I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Bob Whitsitt hater. That asshead almost ruined the Seahawks.

Ness said...

I'm not particularly a fan of him either...although I'm pretty sure he landed the Sonics Shawn Kemp. Plus I went to school with his kid.