Sounders to sign Colombian defender - the final piece of the puzzle?

Back in January I wrote that three more major moves would be needed to make the Sounders a complete team. One at forward, two in defense. The forward slot was taken care of with Fredy Montero, which is seeming like more of a coup every day. One defensive hole was filled with Tyrone Marshall, who, while merely adequate in MLS, is still better than anything we had previously.

And now the Sounders have filled that second hole. According to Enlajugada, the Colombian soccer website that originally broke the Fredy Montero signing (months before announced in the states), John Kennedy Hurtado has signed with the club.

From the article: "El joven defensor central del registro del Deportivo Cali, John Kennedy Hurtado, continuar√° su ascendente carrera profesional en la 'Major League Soccer' de los Estados Unidos."
(My rough translation: "The young central defender registered to Deportivo Cali, John Kennedy Hurtado, will continue his ascending professional career in MLS in the United States." Sounds pretty clear that we've signed him, I think.)

Hurtado isn't the rising superstar that Montero is, but he was on trial with Milan and had plans to sign with Swiss club Grasshoppers before visa problems caused that to fall through. A natural center back, Hurtado comes from Montero's former club, Deportivo Cali. He is 5'11" but reportedly has fantastic speed. Could he be pushed out to outside defense, I wonder...?

Either way, this signing will bolster greatly what had been a questionable defense. It probably will be the last major international move the Sounders make before the season opens. Although he'll have to prove himself, Hurtado might just be the final piece Seattle has been missing to have a club that maybe - just maybe - could dream of contention in 2009.


Anonymous said...

you guys in seattle will have to get used to calling it colOmbia and and not colUmbia ;>

Ness said...

Argh. I've studied South America fairly extensively so I should never mess that up. Fixed, and thanks.

m_____s said...

great work, ness.


John said...

Keep up the good work Nick -- LL reader

TL said...

Great news! We needed a good defender badly. It may not be the only one we need but much better than before. I've got your post on my favorite's and am looking to hear updated info. Keep it up.