March 21

According to league commissioner and grand poobah Don Garber, this is the date that should be circled, highlighted and exclamation-pointed on all of your calenders, ladies and gentlemen. And not just because it's the first day of spring. Or because it's exactly 4 months away.

Because it's opening day of the MLS season, and consequently the first game for the Sounders FC.

(Of course, some other stuff as well from the mouth of the commish. There's going to be no reserve league next year, so you south Sound folks around Tukwila are going to miss out on games that would have been played at Starfire. Montreal's giving up on their expansion bid... will that make Vancouver more likely? And Seattle officially has over 18,000 season tickets sold. Well done, us!)

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Tiff said...

Sweet. Thanks for the updates. I just found your Blog. Thanks for creating it. I know you are going to have lots of traffic soon. I just have this nagging feeling that MLS is going to blow up in the Seattle-area.