The Freddy and Freddie show

By now, news that former Arsenal and Sweden star Freddie Ljungberg has been seen in Seattle is going around the internet. Reportedly, the winger slash model will be returning to town next week (October 30?) to announce his signing. Presumably he would be the Sounders Designated Player, as he'd probably command over the MLS maximum of 400k. Whether this would be a good signing, economically speaking, is still highly up for debate. Read: I'm not sure. His health has been an issue, so that's a huge wild card. If and when that signing does officially occur, we'll know much more about his current quality and form.

There are no questions, however, about the talent of Freddy Montero. According to a Spanish website, the Columbian youngster's rights have officially been bought by Seattle - in a transaction nearly 2 weeks ago! In fact, they are reporting that Deportivo Cali has already recieved the 2 million dollars transfer fee from the Sounders. Leaving aside the unlikely possibility that the entire thing is completely made up, the next question is this - why hasn't it been more widely reported? Well, there are multiple other teams from more respected leagues (Argentina and Europe) still looking to sign Montero. My best guess is that Seattle is strongly considering selling him on to one of those clubs, and as such don't want his signing announced in case he never puts on a Sounders uniform.


Anonymous said...

You ever going to post your interview with Nate?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I as well am looking forward to it.

Hope Nate signs with the Sounders next season!

Ness said...

He hasn't been returning my calls (I don't know if the Dynamo PR people talked to him or not) and this whole Ljungberg thing kind of blew up. I'll call tomorrow, we'll see if I can talk to him yet!

Anonymous said...

not. cool.