Sounders 2008 home games to be played in Siberia

Tukwila, Siberia, same thing. If you want to see local pro soccer next year, be prepared to drive.

The Seattle Tukwila Sounders will play their home games at 2,000 seat Starfire Sports Complex.

The team played some home games there last year, including the USL final where they stomped Atlanta, 4-0. It's a cool place and all, but... seriously, it's tiny, and it's going to limit the amount of people who will catch a game next season. Imagine the Mariners moving to Everett
Memorial Stadium.

The only way this makes sense is to make people forget about the Sounders, so when the MLS team rolls into town in 2009, those people will be like "OMG we have soccer now!" But even that doesn't really make sense. Hey, we tried.

For those hardcore enough to still want tickets, or the lucky few living in that area, season tickets will be on sale November 27 November 30 sometime before the season begins, and should be a bargain at less than $200.

We'll be waiting for a friendly match of some sort to come to Qwest, thanks.

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